What does general surgery specialise in?

Surgery belongs to the conservative therapies and means intervention in the human body for curing purposes. Surgery cures and corrects the various systemic lesions with surgical methods. Several fields of surgery have evolved. At the Stefánia Clinic we specialise in general surgery and plastic surgery. Our special field is the sclerotherapy treatment of varicose veins.

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Ambuláns sebészeti beavatkozások a legmodernebb eszközökkel a Stefánia Klinikán

With which complaints, symptoms and diseases shall you visit our surgical private practice?

We treat those patients at our private practice who struggle with surgical problems, whether these problems are related to orthopaedics, to arthritis or to sport injuries. Sometimes the patient has had stomach ache for days and the internal medicine specialist refers him to the surgery practice. In such a case general surgery examination serves the purpose of diagnosing. When experiencing traumatic pains, limb pains, proctologic complaints (diseases affecting the rectum), snapping finger, ganglion or tunnel syndrome, visiting the surgeon is highly recommended.