What does the ophthalmology practice specialise in?


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At the Szeged Stefánia Clinic we specialise in the diseases and problems of the eyes. Besides treating the various problems, ophthalmology has a crucial role in screening eye diseases. In addition to recognising or excluding certain eye diseases, visual disorders are also diagnosed and we propose a solution to the problems during the screening examinations. During an ophthalmology examination we can obtain a clear picture about the health of the eyes but the status of the eyes may also indicate other diseases in the body. During aptitude tests ophthalmology has an outstanding role since in many cases (e.g. driving a car) a prior ophthalmology examination is essential.

With which complaints, symptoms and diseases shall you visit our ophthalmology private practice in Szeged?

Visiting the ophthalmologist is crucial if your vision impairs or you experience dry or red eyes, your eyes inflame or hurt, or with any other lesions. Frequent headache may also indicate eye problems with short sight, reflective errors, eye muscle dysfunction, optic neuritis or even glaucoma in the background. If the vision impairment is caused by reflective errors, the ophthalmologist may suggest wearing contact lenses or glasses, but there is also an opportunity for laser vision correction. Participating in an annual ophthalmological screening is recommended even without symptoms, since there is a good chance to screen eye diseases and so the proper treatment can be started well in time.