Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

What does the internal medicine practice specialise in?

Internal medicine covers several fields of medicine, for instance, cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetology and endocrinology have all developed from internal medicine. The internal medicine specialist helps to uncover the underlying causes of health problems and, based on the symptoms, may order additional examinations. At Stefánia Clinic specialists in gastroenterology, cardiology and diabetology are all at the disposal of our patients.

With which complaints, symptoms and diseases shall you contact our internal medicine private practice?

If you experience symptoms of uncertain origins, you are recommended to contact an internal medicine specialist. Such symptoms are: frequent headache of unknown origin, chest pain, fatigue, dizziness or abdominal pain. Our experienced internal medicine specialist can reveal the sources of these symptoms and, if the need occurs, screening examinations without waiting time are also available for you at the Stefánia Clinic.

So if you do not know which specialist practice to visit with your symptoms, choose our internal medicine practice. Our internal medicine specialist may recommend a thorough search for foci and administer the entire procedure of the medical check-up. Those who have some lifestyle risk factors, such as distress, overweight or smoking, or whose families have a history of chronic diseases, are also recommended to visit the internal medicine practice.