What does the gynaecology practice specialise in?

In most cases, women visit the gynaecologist specialist with pelvic pain, vaginal discharge and bleeding disorder. However, it is highly recommended to attend an annual screening, even if the patient does not have any complaints. Gynaecology screenings shall become a routine at a young age so as to prevent the majority of diseases and to avoid many unpleasant symptoms. Gynaecological problems are most frequently caused by infections, hormone disturbances or genital malformations.


Gynaecology private practice at the Szeged Stefánia Clinic

At the Szeged Stefánia Clinic we know that empathy, the personality and the style of the doctor are very important during the gynaecology practice. We do everything to conduct the examinations at the pre-arranged time and prior to each intervention our specialist gives accurate information on the details, effectiveness and results of the examination.