What does the gastroenterology practice specialise in?

Gastroenterology is a branch of internal medicine specialising in various gastrointestinal diseases. If the digestive system becomes sick, several unpleasant symptoms may accompany it, in which case visiting a gastroenterology specialist is highly recommended. These symptoms are mostly related to the diseases of the stomach, the intestine system, the oesophagus, the pancreas and the gallbladder, and their correct diagnosis and treatment requires the expertise of a gastroenterologist.

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Gastroenterology surgeries

Why is gastroenterological screening important?

Improper lifestyle and diet as well as distress contribute to the occurrence of problems such as reflux, heartburn, bloating or gastric ulcer. Modern diagnostic devices play a significant role in recognising these diseases; diseases as colon cancer or colon polyp, which can be lethal if late diagnosed, can be pinpointed with the help of such devices. At the Szeged Stefánia Clinic we help the rapid diagnosis of these diseases with the most advanced devices